Composing, direction: Vicente Pradal. Lights: Philippe Lagrue / Sound Alfonso Bravo


Voice an instruments: Vicente Pradal, Luis Rigou,  Frédérika Alesina / Acordion: Didier Dulieux / Percussion: Juan Manuel Cortes / Voice, dance: Paloma Pradal / Danza: Eva Luisa / Juggling: Miguel Gigosos Ronda

Medianoche (the new show of Vicente Pradal), at the same time festive and deep, is based on Romances and Villancicos. They are unique poems, mostly anonymously written after the beginning of the XV century. Roots of the flamenco art, those delicious and narrative Romances evoke freedom, death, the position of women in society, impossible love, symbiosis with nature …

Interpreted by four voices, instrumentalists, a flamenco dancer and a juggler. One after the other, the performers embody the narrators or characters that populate these stories, like storytelling minstrels and traveling people.


Background photo: © Justyna Karpińska