With : Katja Andersen Sparholt, Ricardo Gaiser Fernandes (rope and acrobatics), Martin Cerf (juggling and acroatics), Antoine Gibeaux (juggling), Natalia Galkina (fot juggling), Miguel Gigosos Ronda (juggling), Corinne Linder (aerial silk), Julia Masson (tight rope), Sylvain Monzat (juggling), Ana perez de Manuel (rope) /

Artistic support: Sylvain Cousin,

Benjamin De Matteis/
Supported by:  Ville de Toulouse, la Région Midi-Pyrénées, la DRAC Midi-Pyrénées, le FEDER

Collective Show of the 20th class of the Lido, Circus School of Toulouse, Creation 2014


Before complaining, I would rather do a last caprice. A little something. There, on stage, and right now. I would drink champagne with a ladle, I would throw myself from the top of the circus tent. Or from the top of the benches. I would scream at the audience; but with style, with distinction. I would do my last wish before leaving. I would want that everyone is in fear, that everyone is shaking, that everyone applauses. That everyone trusts. That's why I'm here, only for this. Because afterwards, in the backstage, I will shrink. Until tomorrow.

La chrysalide du lamantin

Background photo: © Justyna Karpińska