choreographic piece for 7 jugglers


For you, the most important thing is: work? Family ? Are you ready to sacrifice some of your health to succeed? What is the gesture that you repeat the most during a day? Is there a sense of absurdity floating around these issues? Should we juggle more to win more? When everything goes too fast, should we stop or fight?


There is an evident connection between the absurdity of a juggling action and the one present in work in general. Humanoptère draws a microsociety, composed of seven jugglers, in which appear complex exchanges. This show offers an allegorical vision of certain meanings and perceptions of the work by a thorough technique of juggling and attention to the body of the performer in motion.

cie La Main De l'Homme | Clément Dazin

Artistic direction: Clément Dazin
With and by: Jonathan Bou, Martin Cerf, Clément Dazin, Bogdan Illouz, Minh Tam Kaplan, Martin Schwietzke and Thomas Hoeltzel alternating with Miguel Gigosos Ronda
Lighting design and technical direction: Tony Guérin
Sound design : Grégory Adoir
Sound technician: Grégory Adoir or Mathieu Ferrasson

Direction assistant: Hervé Diasnas

Costumes: Fanny Veran

Production and distribution: La Magnanerie Julie Comte, Victor Leclère, Anne Herrmann, Sandrine Barrasso and Martin Galamez

Background photo: © Justyna Karpińska